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    The tea à la française

    Earl Grey Bleu Blanc Rouge


    Bergamot flavoured black tea with fruit pieces and cornflower petals

    Let the beauty of this unique blend transport you to the Paris of your dreams. Kusmi Tea and the Avenue des Champs-Elysées are collaborating to launch the Earl Grey Bleu Blanc Rouge: a recipe which symbolizes the prestige and the elegance of the French capital through its brightly coloured ingredients embellishing a black tea base. The power of bergamot meets with the full-bodied flavour of fruit and with the delicate touch of cornflower petals. With its blue, white and red ingredients, as a nod to the French flag, this blend will be an iconic souvenir of a stay in Paris. The delicately flavoured Earl Grey Bleu Blanc Rouge will make you fall in love with the most beautiful avenue in the world.

    Brewing time
    3-4 min

    Brewing temperature